NFTs are the future of digital ownership and September 20th is officially recognized as International NFT Day.

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An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token

Don’t worry if that sounds confusing! NFTs are just digital collectibles that exist on the blockchain. Any digital asset can be made into an NFT: Photos, art, music, video, and more. When you create an NFT, that’s referred to as “minting” an NFT. Identity, self expression, and ownership is in our hands like never before. Learn more about the NFT basics in OpenSea’s article, “What is an NFT?". OpenSea have also created an article to help you navigate NFT Day, "How to participate in International NFT Day". A great guide to help you get even more involved!

Where does an NFT live?

NFTs can live in different places depending on the blockchain they are minted on. On Ethereum, NFTs are held in smart contracts with ownership pointing towards your wallet address, similar to how a bank holds your $5, but knows it belongs to you. NFTs can also “live” in your wallet by utilizing a resource-oriented paradigm, like Flow blockchain - think of it as a $5 bill that is actually in your wallet.

As long as you have a wallet, you have access to your NFTs. There are a lot of wallet options but here are some recommendations to get you started: Metamask (Ethereum), Dapper (Flow), XUMM (XRP Ledger). Fun fact: You can now connect several different wallets to Instagram to show your NFT collection on your profile.

What makes NFTs unique?

What makes NFTs special is the ability to prove ownership, meaning an NFT can’t be replicated, changed, or moved without the owner's permission. This provides a new level of security and utility to digital assets. NFT Projects have taken this concept in many directions, such as authenticating ownership of an NFT to provide access to exclusive events, rewards, airdrops and a range of other forms of utility. All of this is made possible through the public and decentralized ledger that is the blockchain.

How do you start your NFT collection?

All it takes to start collecting is to open a wallet that’s compatible with the NFT you’re interested in, adding the currency you need to purchase that NFT you have your eye on, and a marketplace or drop page to purchase from. Some NFT projects have their own primary marketplace, while there are other collective marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible, among others, that feature NFT collections from multiple blockchains and creators. You can also visit NFT project directories, like Flowverse (specializing in Flow) and DappRadar (multi-chain coverage).

Why is September 20th NFT Day?

September 20, 2017, is the day Dapper Labs Chief Technical Officer, Dete Shirley, published ERC-721, which is the standard from which NFTs are built. In this proposal, the term Non-Fungible Token was first coined. Since then, NFTs have taken on a life of their own, featuring incredible sports moments, breathtaking art, passionate communities, and innovative ideas. In many ways, September 20th is the day NFTs were born, and that’s why we’re celebrating.

Mint your first NFT in minutes

Looking for one of the easiest ways to mint your very own NFT? Even if you don’t currently own a wallet, within minutes you can be all set up and ready to mint your very first NFT on Rarible – completely free – on Flow with a Blocto wallet. Bring your original art and photos to blockchain, completely free, with a frictionless experience. Then, you can sell them on Rarible’s marketplace, or keep them in your wallet and hold onto your very own digital collectibles.

Mint your NFT collection on OpenSea

OpenSea is the world’s biggest marketplace for NFT collections. If you’re a creator interested in minting your own collection of NFTs, OpenSea offers an easy way for creators to get started. Their full suite of tools make it easy for creators to mint the NFT collection of their dreams, meaning there’s no coding or development time required. Read more about minting in their “What is Minting” article or follow their guide to create an NFT!

Are you a dev? Here’s how to get started.

Building an NFT project is easier than you think!  Get started right away by diving into a hands-on coding project, or sign up to our online workshop, where you’ll learn about the tech behind an NFT project as well as a comparison across chains for a more complete understanding.

Follow these guides to build your own NFT project:
A gift for you
Claim your exclusive NFT Day collectibles

Celebrate NFT day with an exclusive NFT! We’re giving out a completely free to claim NFT to anyone who wants one on September 20, 2023, minted on the environmentally-friendly Flow blockchain.


The First NFT "Quantum" is Minted
The “Quantum" is minted on the Namecoin Bitcoin fork, widely considered the first NFT, long before the term NFT had even been coined!


The First NFT Smart Contract Goes Live
Etheria launched the first ever NFT Smart Contract, including the first virtual land AND first pixel NFTs, on the Ethereum blockchain. The First NFT Smart Contract Goes Live


Larva Labs Launches Free to Claim Cryptopunks
The Larva Labs team launched the first algorithmically generated project “Cryptopunks,” a collection of 10,000 NFTs that were free to claim. Now, they’re considered NFT history as one of the first standout profile picture collections.


NFTs are Born with ERC-721 Proposal
The first draft ERC-721 proposal was published by Dapper Labs CTO Dete Shirley, which included the first formal usage of the term NFT.


CryptoKitties Claw Their Way onto Ethereum
Dapper Labs launched the first NFT blockchain game “CryptoKitties.” These furry NFTs became so popular they crashed Ethereum by causing unprecedented transaction volume on Ethereum shortly after launch.


Sailing the OpenSea
OpenSea, the first NFT marketplace, goes live. OpenSea is the largest marketplace, becoming a melting pot for creators, collectors, and everyone else in the NFT space.


NFT.NYC Conference Kicks Off
The first NFT.NYC conference is held, kicking off a yearly event that’s become a huge celebration for the entire NFT community.


Flow Blockchain Becomes Operational
Proof-of-stake blockchain Flow, designed and built by Dapper Labs – the same team that broke Ethereum with the CryptoKitties NFT craze – becomes operational.


NBA Top Shot is Nothing But Net
NBA Top Shot launches on Flow blockchain and is widely considered the spark that sets off the NFT craze. Since launch, NBA Top Shot has generated over $1 Billion in secondary market sales, becoming a beacon of mainstream user adoption for NFTs.


Bored Apes Live on the Blockchain
Bored Ape Yacht Club goes on to become one of the most recognizable NFTs in the space. Not only do NFT collectors rally around the Bored Ape Yacht Club, but celebrities, influencers and more collect and share their Bored Apes as a status symbol. 


NFTs are More Than Doodles
Doodles come to colorful life, another highly-influential generative profile picture NFT project. Their huge success leads to Pharrell Williams being named the Chief Brand Officer of Doodles.


NFT Day Becomes an Officially Recognized Holiday
Five years after ERC-721 is published NFT Day becomes an officially recognized holiday.

The Analogs are 10,000 half-robotic, half-biological beings, a PFP project built on the Flow blockchain brought to you by @heavymetalink.
A collection of 5,000 mystical beings of the Anicube K-pop world, with a mission to spread love, joy and music across the galaxy.
Builder of Player-First games that are still fun after 1000+ plays. Our first game: a new type of strategic autobattler is coming soon.
Cameo Pass
Cameo Pass is a collection of NFTs granting access to Cameo in the metaverse, along with exclusive art from Burnt Toast, Vinnie Hager, and Luke McGarry.
Chilled Kongs
In today’s hectic world, this collection is here to remind us of the value of taking a moment to chill, to hang with friends, or to just do whatever we love.
Clay Nation
CLAY NATION is a collection of 10,000 digital characters with algorithmically assembled, handcrafted clay traits.
Crazy Defense Heroes
Crazy Defense Heroes is a Polygon Top 5 strategy tower defense game under TOWER Franchise, striving to blend traditional Free-to-Play gaming with blockchain features.
CryptoPiggos Evolution
CryptoPiggos is a colorful, joyful, and fun NFT project! There are two collections - Piggos Origin (already minted) and Piggos Evolution (dropping on September 2022).
Dimension X
A Free-to-Play, strategic role playing game on the Flow blockchain set in the Dimension X comic book universe.
A next generation NFT creativity platform where people can become creator and make their characters with any combination they like.
FLUF World
FLUF World’s expansive ecosystem includes NFT character collectables, virtual metaspaces and cutting-edge, non-fungible intelligence.
Gaia is the world’s best digital collectible marketplace built on the Flow blockchain.
Guava Girls
Guava Girls offers a Care-to-Earn community where entrepreneurs, parents, artists, and Web3 newbies can come together to find balance and be their best selves.
Habbo Avatars is the first official NFT collection for Habbo made by Sulake.
5000 uniquely generated characters designed by Somehoodlum, exclusively on Sturdy.
Joyride Games is a web3 platform for game creators bringing NFTs and tokens to mobile e-sports, casual, and social games.
I.AM System
Experience the incredible I.AM System, an evolutionary NFT metaverse where YOU are the ultimate champion.
Inception Animals
A retro futuristic metaverse brand.
Knights of Degen
A collection of 8,888 NFT degenerate gamblers that spend their days in the Degen Sports Bars watching and wagering on all sporting events.
Life Beyond
Leave Earth for a thrilling Web3 MMORPG experience in a unique sci-fi universe. Join the Open Alpha to be one of the 1st pioneers of planet Dolos.
MotoGP™ Ignition
MotoGP™ Ignition leverages NFTs to empower players. Take a team manager role & go head-to-head with others in this management game title!
NBA Top Shot
Where fandom lives. Discover officially licensed NBA video collectibles of your favorite players.
Nifty's connects fans to what they love most through NFT-powered collectibles, experiences and rewards.
PARC creates NFTs, build open-source development tools, and host community-driven events on the XRPL. PARC does it all!
Phantom Galaxies
Phantom Galaxies combines open-world space sim with fast-paced mech shooter and a captivating story.
A collection of 8,314 Octopies are our first collection on the Ethereum blockchain, and our key to Pieland.
Pirates of the Metaverse
A collection of 10,000 digitally unique NFTs about to embark on an uncharted journey across blockchains.
Purrnelopes Country Club
A collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs that exist on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Royal Society of Players
A collection of 10,000 NFT playing cards, offering members unique perks, prizes, and privileges spanning both the metaverse and real world.
The Sandbox
The Sandbox is a virtual gaming world where players can play, build, own, and monetize their experiences on a virtual LAND they own.
An officially licensed Dr. Seuss NFT collecting experience. From the Cat in the Hat, to the Grinch, experience the beloved characters in one digital space.
A 3D, animated, interactive NFT game where players can collect, play with, breed and sell NFT pups.
Daz 3D, award-winning artist Tory Bryant, and co-founder Ash Cooper Kerns bring you this unique collection of out-of-this-world beings available as a free mint on Coinbase NFT.
A major and indie label backed platform that allows Web 2 & 3 games to monetize music through radio, audio snippet ‘Styngs’, and audio NFTs.
Supper Club
The Web3 wallet for the future of dining. Customers eat to earn rewards through fun games and experiences.
TuneGO connects and protects music artists, empowers the creative community, and provides a gateway to build deep and meaningful relationships with fans and collectors in the world of Web3.
X vs. X Sports
XvsX Sports NFTs are offering web3 participation in games that are happening in the physical world.
Yummi Universe
A fun, feel good, eco-conscious brand. Spreading good vibes with our original character Naru - Meet Naru & Friends in the Yummi Universe!
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